Proper Wound Care
By Foot & Ankle Center of Ocala
September 18, 2017
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Your foot doctor Dr. Robert Linn, Jr. at the Foot & Ankle Center in Ocala, FL wants you to be informed about wound care, especially if wound careyou’re a patient who needs diabetic foot therapy. Proper wound care is particularly important for the lower extremities, including the feet, toes and ankles. Learn more about taking care of wounds to ensure that your feet stay healthy.

What Is Wound Care?
A wound is normally an easy problem to resolve with a little hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, and band-aids. But sometimes wounds take longer to heal when they’re on the feet. This is because when a patient has circulation problems, the blood cells aren’t getting to the wound in a timely fashion for healing. This may be a problem for patients with uncontrolled diabetes or vascular conditions. Common wounds include:

- Puncture wounds.
- Foreign items stuck in wounds (like an ingrown nail or shard of glass).
- Insect bites that don’t heal.

Why Is It Important?
For certain patients, even a tiny wound can become a very concerning problem if it isn’t treated properly and promptly by your Ocala, FL foot doctor. The wound can get infected and develop into an ulcer. Ulcers may lead to loss of skin, muscle, or even bone tissue, and may require surgery in advanced cases.

Wound Care Tips
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for a wound:

- Keep the wound dry and clean at all times. Bandage it securely.
- Wear clean, dry socks and avoid walking around barefoot.
- Carefully remove any object from inside the wound. If you’re not sure the object is out, have a doctor examine it immediately.
- Examine the depth and size of the wound—the deeper it is the higher the risk of it getting infected. 
- See a foot doctor immediately if the wound worsens instead of beginning to heal.

Get Help with Wound Care
The team at Foot & Ankle Center of Ocala, FL specializes in helping patients with wound care and diabetic foot care. Call 352-861-1055 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Robert Linn, Jr.