Reasons You May Need a Joint Replaced
By Foot & Ankle Center of Ocala
May 03, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Joint replacement surgery is a powerful procedure available which can give you back mobility and range of motion. However, joint replacementunderstanding the reasons behind joint replacement is an important factor in determining if this is the right procedure for you. Find out more about joint replacement surgery with Dr. Robert Linn at Foot and Ankle Center of Ocala in Ocala, FL.

What is joint replacement surgery? 
Joint replacement surgery removes the damaged or defective part of a joint or the entire joint altogether and replaces it with man-made parts. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that it requires recovery time both at the surgery location and at home afterward. Physical therapy, which uses special stretches and exercises to help rebuild the under-used muscles surrounding the joint, will help you increase the range of motion and get back on your feet for good.

When is joint replacement necessary? 
One of the main reasons for joint replacement is arthritis, which causes irritation and inflammation of the joint. However, some patients require a joint replacement due to simple wear-and-tear from everyday use. Certain diseases can also cause the need for a joint replacement. Your doctor will almost always try to treat your condition with less invasive methods first and usually only suggest surgery if these treatments fail to provide successful results.

Joint Replacement Surgery in Ocala, FL 
As with any surgery, your doctor will require that you are in good general health and able to undergo the anesthesia your doctor uses during the procedure. While most patients can return home within about a day of the procedure, recovery times can take upwards of six weeks, meaning that you will need to avoid putting any pressure on the affected foot and use crutches or a wheelchair during this time.

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