Joint Replacement

Why Choose Joint Replacement?Joint Replacement

If left untreated, joint pain can cause severe pain and discomfort and quickly deteriorate your quality of life. Joint pain located in the foot can even keep you from the most simple of everyday activities like walking or standing. However, your podiatrist can help you overcome your joint pain for good with joint replacement.

What is joint replacement? 
Joint replacement focuses on removing a damaged or compromised joint and replacing the damaged tissue with healthy tissue. Joint replacement often benefits arthritis patients. Arthritis deteriorates the joint slowly over time, resulting in bone and tissue erosion and causing pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joint. Podiatrists can replace arthritic toe joints with joint replacement to give an immobile or painful toe or ankle a second chance.

What can I expect during a joint replacement procedure? 
You will be under general anesthesia during your procedure, so you will be asleep and not remember any part of it. Your doctor will make an incision near the joint and examine the existing joint itself. If necessary, your doctor will remove bone spurs and correct the damage as much as possible. Your doctor will then place the prosthetic joint. The extent of and length of time your surgery lasts will depend on you and your condition.

Joint Replacement Recovery 
As with any surgery, joint replacement requires that patients are in good general health and can undergo the general anesthesia required for the procedure. Most patients can return home about 24 hours after surgery. Recovery takes about 4-6 weeks and will require that you avoid putting any pressure on the foot. After about two weeks, you will return to your doctor’s office to remove your stitches. After about six weeks, your doctor will usually require a second appointment to x-ray the foot and ensure that it has healed correctly. You will be expected to perform special physical therapy exercises throughout recovery to aid in the healing process.

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